Monday, January 28, 2013

Day and Night

We started learning about day and night last week. Here are a few things we have done so far.

My students decided which time of day they liked best- day or night. Then they drew a picture of something they liked to do during that time. Finally we used the pictures to create a class graph. When each student placed their picture on the graph I had them tell which time of day they liked best and explain why.

We created a circle map of objects in the sky. I did not have my students label their pictures because this was a science lesson and we did not have a lot of time. If time had permitted I would have had them label them. 

We talked about different types of careers and jobs and whether they were jobs worked during the day time or the night time or both. We created a venn diagram to show our comparisons. You can find the pictures for the venn here


Erin said...

Love the use of the hula hoops for a Venn Diagram. What a great idea!


First Grade Fun said...

Cute April!