Sunday, November 4, 2012

Loving Working on Writing

I am so pleased on how introducing work on writing has gone. In one week we have gone from everyone writing together on the carpet for a couple of minutes to everyone choosing their own spot around the room and writing for 15 minutes to half the class working on writing while the other half read to self.

We made it to 15 minutes in only 5 days.

I know the sisters have the students tell them where they are going and then they mark it on chart. I am going to use a pocket chart system instead. The students will still have a lot of choice but it will help me stay organized. While we learn all of the rotations and how to switch between them we are using a modified version of the chart. I had set the chart up another way but was afraid the students would look at it and think they were partnered up with each other. I did not this to break their read to self stamina so I switched it around. Now they are just in two large groups. After the first rotation I move the picture icon at the top. Their pictures always stay in the same spot for now. 

We share our writing after each rotation. I am letting several kids share right now. I am using the sharing as quick teachable moments for what good writers do as well as seeing what I need to do mini-lessons on. I am really pleased with what they are doing so far. 

Some of my students are still using the single marker in their book box while others are using materials from around the room. I have baskets I purchased from The Dollar Tree placed around the room so they are easy for the kids to get to from wherever they are working. They have crayons and markers in them. As the week went on the kids started to use the materials as they wanted. I did not formally introduce how to use them but I showed them where they were and told them they could use them if they wanted. 

This week we have talked about how good writers start their sentences with a capital letter, use meatball space between their words, end their sentences with punctuation, label their pictures, match the words to their pictures, and use detail in their drawings. 

Next week we will continue to work on maintaining our writing and reading stamina as well as start to shop for books table by table from all of my book tubs. 


A Teacher Without a Class said...

I so love the laundry basket idea! I am sure that helps the students with their concentration! Awesome!

Casey said...

I absolutely love the Daily 5 - I had another teacher totally shocked that my kinders could read independently for 15 minutes!

I really like your pocket chart idea. At the moment, my class do each activity as a whole class - they work on writing during our Writer's Workshop and do word work after they finish their writing. We all do read to self or a friend after first break but I think next year I'd like to have my Daily 5 program more like yours with some more flexibility.

Adoring Lilly

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