Thursday, November 15, 2012

Listen to Reading

We started Listen to Reading this week. My kids now have three choices but they only do two a day because of time. I am still rotating them through the stations, but once I have all five rotations going well I will allow them to choose where they go each day.

Here is the chart I am using for now. There are six students in each group. I keep their pictures in the same place and rotate only the Daily Five picture icons at the top of the chart.

I have a basket with books and CD's and a basket with CD players. I placed one book and one CD in each zip-loc bag and one CD player in each zip-loc bag. I placed the baskets next to the computer that I am also using for listen to reading. I am using TumbleBooks and PebbleGo on the computer. These are both paid sites but I am fortunate that my district covers that cost. Storyline Online is a great free site to use. 

I got my CD players online from Target. I really like them because they are easy to use. There is one large button for opening the player and it is labeled "open". I taught the kids to look for the "o". The only other brightly labeled button is the "play" button. The volume and other buttons are not labeled the same so they do not stand out as buttons for the students to push. 
First I modeled for my students how I wanted them to take out the materials, lay them out while they worked, and put their materials away. 

After I modeled the process, I had several students take turns modeling it. I did this each day all week long. 

For this first week I had students who were doing listening to reading stay on the big carpet so that I could assist them as needed. I made shortcuts on the desktop for the computer sites. This way the kids can get to them quickly and easily. 


Julie Marciniak said...

Hi there! I found you through some first grade blog hopping and I am glad to see your Listen to Reading is up and running! I absolutely LOVE the Daily 5 and how flexible each round is. I am your newest follower and look forward to reading more!
Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

Lindsey said...

I also have 2 black CD players for my kids to use for listening center. Tip: I used silver sharpie on the top of the CD player to mark the Play button. I used small colored stickers to put on the cover next to where the volume buttons are and put a + and a - on each sticker to help. I can't go back to the old school tape players ever again. I also teach the kids about the low battery icon that shows up when it's low and the kids go put the CD players on my desk. Parents donate AA and AAA batteries for me to replace our electronic devices. I hope your kids love it as much as mine do!
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Dawn Cloud said...

What type of head phones do yo use? I see them holding something close to their ear.

April Larremore said...

Dawn- They are just basic ear buds. Some of them have trouble keeping them in though.

Miss Trayers said...

They look like they are really having fun listening to the stories. :) Glad to know a place to get them-I had bought some at Wal-Mart a few years ago and was disappointed at the quality. Thanks for sharing your tips with us!


Camille said...

Do you have to use headphones/earbuds to hear this CD player? I want one I can use to play a music CD for my class. Would speakers work with this player???
An Open Door

Anonymous said...

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