Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Work on Writing Day 3

Here is a quick update on work on writing. This is our third day at it and we are up to 8 minutes of stamina. My kids are so excited about building our writing stamina. 

We started by adding a journal and one marker to their book boxes. At first I had them write sitting around the edge of the group carpet. Today was the firs time they chose a spot to write in a around the room. They are already used to doing this so it went very well. At this point I am sticking to the one marker. I want them to build up their stamina and writing skills a bit before adding other materials for them to write and draw with. 

The share piece at the end is very important. I choose 3-5 students at the end of each writing rotation to share out about their piece. They love this. They all want to share so I am going to start drawing names so that I make sure I include everyone on a regular basis. 

We are also still working on book shopping and choosing "good fit" books. Now my students are supposed to choose 3 "look" books and 2 readers. 

While my students wrote today I noticed that some were writing or trying to write sentences, some were just writing letters, some were just writing word wall words, and some were just drawing pictures. While these are all great early stages of writing I decided that for now I am going to focus my mini-lessons on writing a sentence and drawing a picture to match the words. I want to encourage them to move from just writing words and drawing to writing a sentence with a picture that matches. 

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