Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Main Idea

During the next nine weeks we are focusing on story elements, retelling, main idea, making connections, and Fairy and Folk Tales.  In order to make sure we get each element covered we decided to break our schedules down. We are focusing on one fairy tale a week. On Mondays we are teaching main idea, on Tuesdays we are making connections, on Wednesdays we are creating story maps, on Thursdays we are retelling the story, and on Fridays we are doing some type of writing/retelling response using a graphic organizer.

We started this week with Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the main idea. We learned that the main idea is what the story is mostly about and that just like paying close attention to the characters helps us to listen with understanding and make sense of what we are reading so does knowing the main idea.

As we read the book I focused my students' attention on the details in the story that show Goldilocks is a "naughty girl". After reading the book I showed my students a blank circle map with a question mark in the center circle. I had students recall the events in the story and what Goldilocks did. I added pictures for each event to the circle map. After we filled our circle map with all of the major events in the story I had students decide what they thought the main idea of the story was.

For more information and examples for teaching little ones main idea, check out Melissa's post Writing Workshop Main Idea.


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