Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Choosing "Good Fit" Books by Looking at the Cover

Today we had our first lesson on "good fit" books. I explained to my students that they would learn several ways to choose a "good fit" book for themselves and that we were going to start by looking at the cover. I explained to them that I was going to teach them how to look closely at the cover and ask themselves some questions about the book such as does this topic interest me, can I make a connection to it, do I think I will like what the story is about.

I modeled by picking up a basket of books and thinking aloud about each one until I had chosen 5 for my book box. For example, I pulled out a book with dinosaurs on the cover and commented on how I do not really like dinosaurs so I did not think that book would be a good choice for me. Then I pulled out Curious George Goes to the Hospital and shared that this was my favorite book as a kid so I definitely wanted to add it to my book box so I could read it again. I continued through the basket of books thinking aloud about why I chose to keep the book or why I chose to put it back in the basket.

After modeling how to choose "good fit" books by looking at the cover I had my students turn and talk with a partner about which book of the ones I chose they would like to add to their basket and why. I asked them to make sure and use the words "good fit" and "because". 

After we turned to talk my students got their book boxes and chose one book that they wanted to turn in and replace with a new one. I had them place the book they were returning in the middle of the carpet. Then I added some other books to the pile. I had a few students at a time shop for a new book for their box. 

We are going to practice choosing a "good fit" book by looking at the cover again tomorrow. Then we will move on to choosing a "good fit" book by looking at the inside next week. I also plan to begin teaching mini-lessons from Kim Adsit's Reader's Workshop Unit 4 Discovering Patterns next week since we have been learning about repeating patterns in math this week. 

At this point my students are reading to self for 15 minutes, are choosing their own spots to read in, and are in the beginning stages of shopping for their own books and choosing "good fit" books. Coming up next is adding the writing rotation, learning more about how to choose "good fit" books, and learning how to look for patterns when reading.  


School Sparks Renee said...

What a great lesson. Your children learned how to choose a book and also got to know you a little better as you used yourself as a model! Great pics! Renee

Lee Ann said...

What a great lesson! Do the kiddos pick it up right away or do you have some who don't understand it and need to practice it often?

Mrs. Larremore said...

My students did pretty well after the first lesson, but I am actually doing it for several days just to make sure they have a complete understanding. I am moving from just looking at the cover to looking at the inside too.

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