Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Drawing Unit and a New Routine

I just read two posts that I am so excited about implementing in my classroom over the next couple of weeks.

The first one is Jonelle's (from A Place Called Kindergarten) drawing unit. Check out Jonelle's post for a list of great read alouds to use for teaching students to draw. Teach students to draw lines, use how-to drawing books, draw faces, add details, titles, brands, and labels, fill in white space, use speech bubbles, and more!! I was struggling with where to go next for writer's workshop because I felt like my kids needed more practice on drawing. Now I know :)

These self-portraits from Joyful Learning in KC would make a great addition to Jonelle's drawing unit. I can't wait to have my kids make these! 

The second post is from Melissa  at Joyful Learning in KC. Melissa has a great schedule for incorporating some kind of word warm up each day of the week. Check out Melissa's schedule here

Mystery Word Mondays- mystery box item with clues (relate the item to a certain letter, theme of study, or read aloud for the day), missing title of a book, cloze procedure with a big book, using clues in a read aloud to make inferences

Talking Tuesdays- learn and tell or turn and talk with read alouds, survey questions, show and tell, share great things, retelling rope

WOW Word Wednesdays- introduce new vocabulary words from one of the day's read alouds

Thinking Map Thursdays- incorporate a thinking map into one of your lessons

Funny Fridays- read books that will make you laugh, use joke and riddle books

I love this schedule for holding myself accountable for making sure I include each of these aspects in my teaching each week and the kids love fun routines like this. 

Thanks ladies for the inspiration!! I love what you do in your classrooms! Thanks for sharing it on your blogs.


Carmela B said...

Even in second grade, students struggle with illustrating their thoughts and reflections.
Diary of a Teachaholic

Sarah said...

I would LOVE to see a few examples of these....I LOVE the concept but I struggle at times w/o a visual!! Cant wait to see....LOVE LOVE the drawings!!

Thanks for the post!

Ashley Reinhardt said...

The self portraits are absolutely precious! Your blog is wonderful and has inspired me to start blogging!

Ashley Reinhardt

School Sparks Renee said...

Thanks for the ideas about how to help kids draw. They usually have fun until at some point (down the road a few years) they realize that their drawing is not what they intended - and then they start to pull away from drawing. It's great to have a way to help kids feel competent about drawing. Renee

Chrissy said...

Thanks for the helpful writing ideas. You're being BOO-ed! Hope you'll come over and check it out. Take care.
First Grade Found Me