Thursday, September 6, 2012

Respectful Reading Behaviors and Building Stamina

Yesterday we made the anchor chart for respectful reading behaviors. We talked about what each one meant and what it looked like. We talked about how I would also be reading during this time and following the Reader Respect chart.

Then we practiced it with our book boxes. This was the first day my students used their own book boxes so I called them one at a time, handed them their book box and sent them to a specific place in the room to read. This worked great and everyone stayed on task and followed the Reader Respect rules. This anchor chart came from one of Kim Adsit's reader's workshop units.

When we were finished reading I showed students how to match the tape on their box to the tape on the shelf and put their boxes away quickly. 

Today we finally started building reading stamina. I found this great launch idea from Erica at Sprinkles to Kindergarten!

I introduced reading stamina with the book Dex The Heart of a Hero. Dex works to build up his exercising stamina so that he can be a super hero. He researches and trains and gradually gets stronger and able to do more things.
I explained that we would do the same thing to build our reading stamina. We would train and practice and add a little more time each day. I explained we would have to start small like Dex and work up to our goal of 15 minutes. I did not introduce the stamina chart today because we spent so much time on the story and what building stamina meant. I plan to introduce it tomorrow. 

I also introduced my "book nook" chart. Since I feel so crunched for time these days I went with simple. I will only use this chart for a short time while we are learning where we can read in the room and how to read there. Once students are familiar with the reading seating and how many students are allowed there I will let them choose their spots freely. 

I took pictures of all of my reading areas. Then I made small wallet sized prints of all of my students. I placed each child's picture over the photograph for where they were to go and read. I called out where they were going and had them pick up their book box on the way. I like the idea of this chart because it ensures that everyone gets to read in all the spaces around the room and I do not have to remember who went where each day. 

Here we are starting to build our reading stamina...

In this picture you will notice books all over the floor. We did have to talk about being a "Book Bully" again and what could happen to our books if we left them all over the floor. 


KinderKapers said...

This is the lesson I am on Monday!! I was wondering if I should give them their reading boxes. I guess you just answered my question. I love how you used tape to mark where the boxes go back. I also love all your different reading spots. I am going to have to give that some extra thought this weekend. I think I will do as you did and move them to the spot where they need to be. Will they stay in that spot all year or do you rotate?

Terri Izatt

KinderKapers said...

Cancel the questions about reading spots...I reread your post and figured out you had already answered my questions. So for 25 students I need to figure out 25 spots. I like your chart. That is now on my to-do list. I have a busy weekend ahead of me.


Ellen said...

Which of Kim Adsit's Readers workshop did the anchor charts come from?

Sara Soucy said...

Haha the laundry basket photo cracks me up! I use a similar chart and I just rotate the students through. Very little management and no fighting over spots!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Mrs. Larremore said...

The anchor chart is from Blasting Off With Readers Workshop.

Mrs. Larremore said...

The anchor chart is from Blasting Off With Readers Workshop.

LA said...

I've been loving your posts about reading to self, building stamina, and especially the book boxes. I got so excited, I went out and bought 36 book boxes for each of my students (AM/PM). How many books do you put in each box? Is it for the week? I love the gradual release until letting them read on their own. Are there any resources you would recommend for me to use as a guide as I begin this process?

Lindsay :)

LA said...

I've been loving your posts about reading to self, building stamina and book boxes. I was so excited I just went out and bought 36 book boxes for each of my 36 students (AM&PM). How many books do you put in each box? Do you change them weekly? Are there any resources you would recommend to help me as I begin this process? I love the gradual release building up to reading to self!!!


Mrs. Larremore said...


Thanks!! I put 5 books in the boxes. I started with books we have read in class, familiar fairy tales, and familiar characters. They are really enjoying getting to read the books we have been reading in class.
For the first few times I am going to put new books in the boxes and yes I am going to switch them out once a week. Once my students are familiar with the read to self routine and start to build up their stamina, then I will do some mini-lessons on book shopping and good fit books. I will gradually release them into this step.
I have had a hard time finding a good resource for using the daily five with kindergarten. That is why I am trying to make so many posts about it. I joined the sisters Cafe site and that has really helped me out. I keep rereading parts of the book and then watching videos from the site. I checked out the Daily Five kindergarten video from Stenhouse and did not find it that helpful. It was not much different than what I had already found from the sister's site. Let me know if you have other questions. I will keep posting :)

Justin said...

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