Thursday, September 6, 2012

Look Out for Litter

My good friend Shelly shared this book and idea with me and I just loved it so I had to do it with my kids this week.

In science we are learning about taking care of our earth by picking up litter and recycling. I read this great book called Look Out for Litter. Trina the pirate talks about picking up your messes, being careful not to litter, and ways to take care of the earth. The text is short and simple and the kids love the pirate character.
After reading the book and having a discussion about it we pretended to be pirates and search for litter around our school. My friend Shelly painted mustaches on her students with face paint. I found pirate hats and patches at The Dollar Tree for my students to wear. 

We went around the school and looked for litter we could pick up and throw away. I actually placed all kinds of boxes, cans, bottles, and paper around the school while my kids were at specials. These pictures are blurry but it was hard to take action shots. They were so excited about finding trash and throwing it away. 

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