Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Constitution Day

In honor of Constitution Day (September 17th) we learned about the the constitution. We read the book We the Kids by David Catrow and talked about the words in the preamble and what they mean.

Then we made our own "Class Constitution." We talked about the freedoms, rights, and responsibilities we thought we should have in our classroom. Then we took the rules we created and sorted them into categories- rules that keep us safe, rules that show respect for others, and rules that show we are responsible. 

On the Monday we charted our class constitution. Then I typed up our ideas and cut them into strips so we could sort them. I passed out the rules. Then we read them together and decided what category they went into and why. 

We talked about our Founding Fathers and those who framed the Constitution. Then we made "Founding Fathers" to go with our Class Constitution. 

Founding Father Directional Art Directions:
Face (Manila 1- 9X9)
Hair (White 2- 8X3)
Hat (Blue 1- 12X3)
Hat Band (Yellow 1- 12X1/2)

1) Cut and round the 2 bottom corners of the manila piece. 
2) Cut and round 1 bottom corner of both white hair pieces. 
3) Glue 1 hair piece on each side of the head. 
4) Cut and round the 2 bottom corners of the blue piece. 
5) Cut 2 v's out of the top of the hat. 
6) Glue on the yellow hat strip. Trim off excess on the sides. 
7) When the glue is dry on the faces use crayons to add details. 


Erica said...

Super cute idea! I am pinning this for next year. :)

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Kimberly Santana said...

I wish I had this yesterday- PRECIOUS!!Thanks for the idea and the steps!

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Anonymous said...

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