Monday, September 10, 2012

Charting Our Stamina

We made it to 2 minutes and 30 seconds of stamina today!! At least that is an improvement for our 30 seconds on Friday.

I started by reviewing Dex from last week and how he built exercising stamina. Then I reminded students we were trying to build reading stamina. They did a great job of remembering what they were supposed to be doing during read to self, why there were doing it, and their class stamina goal. We reviewed all of the respectful reading behaviors from the anchor chart we made last week.
We discussed the ways people broke stamina last week and talked about what we would do differently today. Then I sent them off to read!

During read to self I read a book too. I sit at my table and read and try to nonchalantly keep an eye on everyone. I am always watching for that "barometer child". I do not let the kids know I am watching them. I do not give anyone the "teacher look" or an "evil eye." If I see someone breaking one of the respectful reader rules then I tap my wand, have them put their boxes away, and call everyone back to the carpet for check in and discussion. The sisters say not to micro-manage your kids during read to self. They say they tried that one year and when they tried to release responsibility the kids had a hard time working independently because they were not used to working unsupervised. I have been strict in enforcing the read to self behaviors because I want my students to know what I expect from them.

Last Friday when we officially started to build stamina I introduced checking in with hand signals. It worked really well. The students who broke stamina for us were honest with their thumb signals. From the videos I watch the sisters say to use "thumbs up" and "thumbs sideways" rather than "thumbs down." 

Here is the stamina chart I created. I wanted it to be easy for my little ones to see and read so I made it on chart paper. 

Tomorrow's agenda consists of continuing to try and build up to our short term goal of 3 minutes of reading stamina and to talk about  creating "a sense of urgency"- why it is important for us to read to self. The best way to become a better reader is to practice each day and it’s Fun!


Meagan Adams said...

Love this idea about stamina. Great way of practicing self regulation as well! :)

Meagan at Play to Learn in Kindergarten

Chrissy said...

Your anchor chart for reading behavior is eye-catching!
Love the laundry basket spot!!

Liz C said...

I am so glad I read this! I am posting and reading about the Daily 5 on my blog at

Very early days for me so I loved reading your ideas! Thankyou!

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of using a bar graph for students to see. This is an excellent visual to help build students' stamina.

Anonymous said...

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