Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Daily Five: "Just Right" Books

I have been on the look out for very simple picture based texts for my student's book boxes. Since most of my students will not be reading words when they come to me I need very simple text. Here are a few units I have found that have sight word stories or readers in them that are great for the beginning of the year even for our youngest readers.

Through all my reading and video watching over the summer this is what I have learned about book boxes and filling them.
1) each student has 5 books at a time
2) each student needs 3-4 "just right" books and no more than 2-3 look books (this is specifically for kindergarten, more advanced readers will not have any "look books" in their boxes)
3) have students read their "just right" books before they read their "look" books (place a post-it on the back of the "just right" books and  have your students make a tally mark on the post-it each time they read the book, this will help you keep track of how many times they are reading their "just right" books)

Here are some of the resources I am using to get started for "just right" reading...

Kimberly's Personal Sight Word Readers
Julie's "I See" Emergent Reader 

Caitlin's Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Color Book and a simple ABC Reader 

Julie's Brown Bear Color Word Reader
Deanna's Colorful Cats Emergent Reader 

Colors Little Books Emergent Readers by Melissa Williams

Melissa's Foldable Alphabet Books

Kim's Cut a Sentence Unit

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