Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"My Work Rocks" Box

I am always looking for fun inexpensive incentives I can use with my students. I just came across this one from Kindergarten Rocks! and wanted to share it. I like this idea because once you put it together, you can use it over and over again with little upkeep. The idea is a "My Work Rocks" box and you use it to encourage your little ones to produce quality. Head over to Kindergarten Rocks! to learn more. I am definitely trying this out with my kinder kids in the fall.


April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Thanks for sharing. I am head over to check out the post.


Jennifer Tilton said...

This is a great idea! I love the twistables! I can't wait until the supplies get into the stores. Going to read more about this at the other blog!

Sue said...

Thanks for sharing. It looks interesting. I will need to check this out!


The Very Busy Kindergarten

Suzanne Sweeney said...

Looks like a great idea. I too try to get my students to do their best-seems at times they just want to "finish". This sounds like something that will catch their interest. Thanks!

We Teach Like A Rockstar said...

THANK YOU so much for sharing this post. I know you are going to LOVE IT as much as we do. Twistables are so much fun! Enjoy your year in kindergarten!!! Kindegarten Rocks Blog