Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Booksource's Classroom Organizer

A huge thank you to Mrs. Larremore for allowing me to guest post today!

If you are anything like me, then you have an enormous collection of children's books and that means your classroom library is probably massive. Organizing your classroom library can be a daunting task. I've done it several different ways in the past and have finally managed to get a system in place that works really well for me. Plus I have stumbled upon a new tool for keeping it super, duper organized.

The first step is to choose how you'd like your books to be organized. Mine are organized by themes, favorite authors, and any that didn't have a place in a theme basket or author basket were organized by genre. I also have my books that I use for guided reading organized by levels. After you've decided how you'd like your books to be organized, go through and sort them accordingly. That was the most time consuming part for me but so worth it. Once I got my books sorted, I placed them in baskets with labels.

I use the baskets above due to cost. I found mine at Dollar General and they came in a pack of 3 for around $1.50. Since I have around 50 baskets in my classroom library it was the most economical choice for me. You can see that I also have small sticker labels on my books that match the picture on the book basket label. That makes it easy for students to put books back where they belong.

Recently I came across a FREE classroom library organizational tool that helps me manage my classroom library, Booksource's Classroom Organizer. It's wonderful for creating a database for the books in your classroom library and managing checkout if you allow student's to take home books from your classroom. I haven't used the checkout feature yet but plan to use it with my Take Home Reading program next year. I'm in love with the Classroom Organizer's free iphone App. I'm pretty sure they have an Android App too. Once you have the App, you can pull a basket, scan the ISBN on the back of the books, and save it's location to that basket. Even if you don't have a phone that's compatible with the App, you can add your books to your library on the website. You just type in the ISBN from the back of each book. Getting all of your books added, either through scanning or manually entering the ISBN, takes awhile but having the database at my fingertips is wonderful. After entering the books, you can go in on the website and manage your library and get a list and with one click, you can export all of the data into an Excel spreadsheet.

My settings are set to allow me to see the book's location, Guided Reading level, and AR level. You can set yours to work in the way that's most productive for you. I am in no way affiliated with this website but thought other teachers may find this helpful for managing their classroom libraries like I have. Hope it helps some of you out.

And finally, I have a {FREEBIE} that may help you get started organizing your classroom library.  Just click here to grab it. 

Thanks again to Mrs. Larremore for having me over today. I hope you'll come visit me at The Kindergarten Center.

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Mrs. Reimann said...

This is so great, thank you for sharing this resource.

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Jessica said...

This is awesome! I love it!!

Maria Youngblut said...

Thanks for sharing Booksource. I am definitely going to check that out!

School Sparks Renee said...

Really helpful post. Thank you. Renee

Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

What a cute resource! Wish I would have had this when I had my classroom library...I had to create my own database...hehehe

Thank you for sharing!

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Anonymous said...

I love this! Thanks for posting

Laura Boriack said...

I can't wait to check this out, thanks for sharing!
Over the 1st Grade Rainbow

kdb1983 said...

I just began using this and absolutely love it!

Lisa R. said...

I love the BookSource app idea. My teammate and I were just discussing today about doing a take home check out system & how to do it easily & I think you just answered our question! Thanks for sharing! :)

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Debbie said...

Thanks! I needed those AR level labels and they are super cute!

Mrs. Miner said...

Awesome post and resource, Amy! Love your blog's new look...I thought I was lost at first!
Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business

EveryNewBeginning said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Every New Beginning

Anonymous said...

I like the Classroom Library Company's accompanying app for managing book borrowing between teachers, parents and students.

It allows you to scan, level and inventory your entire Classroom Library as well, giving you leveling data such as Guided Reading Levels, Lexile, Accelerated Reader, Reading Counts, DRA and Reading Recovery. The handy label printing function allows you to print the leveling data wirelessly and easily attach the labels to your books! Over 178,000 titles loaded and we are adding more every day.

Easily send notes to parents via the app or call parents from your device.

App also includes a free sample of our Exclusive Classroom Library Book written by Reba Wadsworth and Lester Laminack!


the Frizz said...

Holy Macaroni! This website is A-mazing! And the iPhone app, what a steal! I cannot wait to put this into use with my classroom library/check out system!

Thank you for sharing!

Jeannie Partin said...

Ok now I am curious about Booksource myself. I've always used Librarything.... thanks for a great post!!

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beachliesl said...

Love this! :) I also love the book bin labels...but was sooo sad that the levels are A-Z :(. We use the DRA levels, so we have a level A, but then 1,2,3,4,6,8,10,12,14,etc. Am I looking a gift horse in the mouth to ask if you might be willing to make us some number labels?

Thank you either way---loved the pictures of your bins. Pictures are so inspiring to me, and motivating. Even though I still have 5 more days of school to make it through, I am already thinking of projects I want to work on over the summer! :)

Thanks again,
Liesl in VA

April Walker said...

This is awesome! I was wondering if something like this existed. Kept rying to convince my husband to make me something.

~April @ ideabackpack.blogspot.com

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Classroom organization is one of the challenge for the teachers because in class there are so many things to do. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips.