Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Soup Opera

Recently, my librarian friend, Elaine, introduced me to the book A Soup Opera by Jim Gill. The book is a story about a man, a bowl of soup, and his funny quest to get a spoon. The book comes with a CD which brings the story to life with various types of music that draw out all types of feelings and emotions in the story. Your students will love joining in on the repetitive text "opera style." Here is how I used A Soup Opera in a kindergarten classroom.

We read the book using the CD. I stopped various places throughout the story to ask the students questions about how the music made them feel and what they thought the characters were thinking. The kids joined in on the repetitive text, holding their arms up like the characters in the book and singing "opera style."

To follow-up the story, we sequenced the events by creating a flow-map. We did this as a whole group. 

Then we thought of tools we needed to get things done. We brainstormed a list. Then we created pages with our own ideas. I taught this lesson in a dual language classroom. Since they are not used to writing in English,   we wrote for them. Had this have been in an English speaking classroom, I would have had the students do their own writing. 

Using the CD with the book would be a great springboard for talking about feelings in our writing. You can show students the way the music generates a mood or feelings the same way certain words do. 


Jessica Stanford said...

Love this. Now I'm interested in this book too!

Jessica Stanford
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Mrs. M said...

Love it! I use flow maps a lot in my classroom! FUN!!

Color Me Kinder

School Sparks Renee said...

I'll have to looks for this book! Adorable! Renee

Marlana said...

I saw the author reading and singing this in person and it was absolutely hilarious! I'm so glad you posted about the book to remind me.

Lil' Country Kindergarten

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