Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Clever School Teacher Giveaway

I am excited to share a new site created by Deedee Wills and her hubby with you. The site is called The Clever School Teacher and it is designed to help you find the perfect book for teaching reading strategies, writing traits, and grade level content. The site is perfect for you no matter what your needs are - whether you need all of the book help you can get or if you have a vast knowledge of picture books but need some suggestions for how to connect them to teaching reading strategies, writing traits, and author's craft.

I have spent some time exploring the site and purchasing books!! Yah!! I can't wait until they get here. Through my playing around on the site I found tons of new book titles I can't wait to read and use!! The site offers a great selection of popular titles, nonfiction, multicultural texts, and unknown titles. The category listings and the search option make books easy to find. The book sets are my favorite!! I am very excited about the purpose behind this site!! Reading books is so important for growing readers!!

Deedee has graciously offered to giveaway a $25 gift certificate to one of my lucky followers. Entering is simple.... go to The Clever School Teacher, spend some time exploring the site, and leave a comment below sharing something you really liked about the site, how you could use the site in your classroom, or telling about a feature you checked out. Don't forget to leave your email address with your comment. The giveaway ends Monday June 4th, 2012 at midnight.


Ms. Yoshida said...

I am going to be a first year teacher this upcoming school year, and this website is going to serve as a wonderful resource for me! I am definitely going to need books that are specific to my grade level and reading strategies that are key for my students to know. I am SO happy that I follow your blog and was able to find out about this resource!!

Thank you!


Rene said...

I loved being able to find books that I could use for inferencing that I already have and hopefully can purchase some of the others once school starts back. What a great resource this will be for next school year!


TammySF. said...

This is such a great site!! I love how the Common Core link is broken up into Units:) Awesome!!

Keys4Education said...

I love this site! Recently I was looking (with my fingers crossed) for a list of books to accompany themes taught in the classroom. Sadly, I did not have very much luck. :( I think I have been looking in all the wrong places. This site is perfect for intro/practicing our LA strategies. :o)

jennkeys @ gmail . com

Liz Langhoff said...

I'm also going to be a first year teacher next year so I really loved how the books were sorted based on some curriculum (Lucy Calkins, 6 Traits, etc.) I think that will make finding books to go with lessons a lot easier!


Lohren Nolan said...

Such a good resource to finding books specifically to what you are teaching! What a great website!

Totally Terrific Teaching Tools


Lohren Nolan

JoAnna said...

My favorite is the K-1 Launching Writer's Wokrshop section (really, the whole Lucy Calkins section). What a great resource, putting so many books together at our fingertips!


megandw said...

This site and it's premise are great! My favorite part was the comprehension strategies section. I love how it was broken down by grades then by strategy. I found some books that I have and I hadn't thought of using for certain strategy teaching. I also found new titles that I can't wait to get! Thanks for introducing me to this great resource!

Amanda said...

I love Deedee's blog and was excited to explore her new website. The Common Core units were great! Looking forward to doing some more exploration!


Sara said...

I'm excited to find this site; thanks for sharing! I will use this for genres (narrative & informational).


Lisa R. said...

I love how easy it was to find books on a certain topic!! This is going to make finding books to use for my units so much easier!!

Learning Is Something to Treasure

ashleythurston said...

love this website...I love how easy it is and love the nonfiction section!


The Bradford Pair said...

I love the section that has books for each unit of the common core! Georgia has adopted the common core and will be implementing it this coming school year! This site will be a great resource as we make the switch. I will also use it to help me reach my goal of becoming better at teaching writing! My students have always done well with writing, but I feel if I improve my teaching skills in this area, then they will improve too! Again the Clever School Teacher site will be so helpful in reaching these two goals!

School Sparks Renee said...

This is a great resource for teachers and parents! Thanks, Renee

Sally said...

The site was very organized and easy to navigate. I liked the genre categories, especially poetry. I think it is important to teach kids about poetry and rhyme.

Allison said...

I love how each section is broken down making it easy to navigate. I found a ton of books I need for my classroom. My favorite categories were the comprehension strategies and the common core.


Isabel Z said...

I love how the site is broken down into grade levels and how easy it was to navigate. This is going to be an invaluable tool. Thank you.

isabelzito at verizon dot net

Mrs. Shaw said...

I love how it is broken down by grade levels and then categories/strategies. This will make finding the perfect book for a lesson a whole lot easier!


kathy d said...
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kathy d said...

What a brilliant idea! There is nothing more frustrating to not have the mentor text when you need it. This site will enable us to get the book set for lessons! So much easier! I especially liked the listing for Writer's Workshop-Lucy Caulkins! So helpful...

Miss Nelson said...

this site is awesome. I love how you can find books for writing and common core. I think it's so helpful. I would love to win.

Mrs. L said...

Such a great idea. I love the different groups you can look into. I wonder what type of Author's Studies they will do.
Life with Mrs. L

Wild about Teaching! said...

LOVE this website! I love that the books are categorized using different methods (Common Core, Lucy Caulkins, etc.)
I even blogged about it to share some of the features with my followers: http://wildaboutteaching10.blogspot.com/2012/05/technology-tuesday-clever-school.html
There's a shout out to you for pointing me to it!!
Wild about Teaching!

Debra said...

Ooooh! Another site to bookmark! I love that this has links to whatever I'm using to teach (6+1 traits, Lucy Caulkins etc) and that the links really show appropriate mentor texts. Thanks for the link!

Rachel said...

Just finished navigating the website! Love the book sets!


Kristina Burke said...

Wow, this is great. I will be a first time teacher next school year. During my schooling I studied secondary but after decided I wanted to teach primary so went and got that license. Of the questions I had was how teachers stock up their libraries, this website will help me do just that. I like the book sets by theme!

luv2tchK5 said...

Oh my! Love this website!! I will definitely be using these resources for next school year. I am passing along this link to all my teacher friends!
Becky M.

Anonymous said...

As a new teacher, this is perfect for me to determine what exactly I need to fit into my literacy program :)

Anonymous said...

I like that I am able to easily find books for all of the skils I teach!



luttrell97 said...

Hello! I love the idea of this site. If I taught older students I could easily look for books depending on my objective/standard to meet. One problem I see is that it leaves out all of us that teach Pre-K/Preschool. You could address them with themes, perspective, sequencing, and so on.

kdgdi said...

Great website! Love the Core common and Lucy Calkins categories. Can't wait to enhance my library!

Lori said...

I really like the book sets. This website will make it easy to purchase sets of books relating to inferring, summarizing, etc and I won't have to spend the time hunting all over the internet!

deannd said...

I'm going into my 2nd year of teaching and this will be a great resource for finding books. My favorite section is the comprehension section. Breaking the books down will not only help me find books, it will help me sort my classroom library.


Mrs. Durham's Kindergarten said...

I love being able to search by topic. I also love the non-fiction section and how it is broken up by grade levels!!

Mrs. Sether said...

I love that they have books already organized for each Unit of study in the new Common Core Curriculum Map book that Deedee had posted about last week. I think it is a fantastic idea!!

Maria said...

It's great to be able to buy books in packs for reading strategies, and for Common Core units.

Mendy said...

I love that this site has teacher friendly organization. Often when searching the web for CC specifics or items for units I find myself running in circles. This site will be so helpful as I plan for next year!


sheithold said...

I LOVE this site!! I think I heard angels singing when I was looking at the common core standard section! I have already emailed everyone at my school about this site!!!

Christy said...

Wowie, wow, wow! I love the common core units from K-12. Wow! This will make things easier for so many!

Cathy said...

WOW...what a blessing DeeDee continues to be to teachers. Thank you for showing me the link. I will pass it on to my school!

Mrs. Lirette said...

This site is terrific! I love how it breaks down according to grade level for areas like the Common Core and genre studies. Thanks for introducing me to this new site! :)

Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

KinderKarla said...

I loved the books that connected to the Common Core Units! Our district purchased some of the titles but not everything and now I know where I can get them! I am recommending this site to all my teacher friends!

Kris said...

I am so excited to use this site! I love how it breaks the cCore down into units and I also love the books you can use for writing.

Mrs. Reimann said...

The site is super user friendly. I love that you can get the books in sets so that you don't have to track books down that cover a certain topic, it is already done for you.

Little Treasures


Lori said...

Genius!! Amazing how you can search through many different categories. I will definitely pass along to fellow teachers!

Delighted said...
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Delighted said...

I will definitely use this site as a resources for finding books that go with different skills.


Alyssa Anderson said...

I loved how the Core Standards were broken up into the different categories. With this feature, it will be so much easier to make book selections to go with lesson plans (at a reasonable price!)


Arianne said...

What a great idea {yeah Deedee!} for educators and parents. I like the variety of books included - the topics have titles that will be familiar to teachers but also incorporates new titles that will help add new flavor to lessons. :)

Ketchen's Kindergarten

Katie Z said...

Wow! What an awesome site. I love that you can areas and divided by k-2. There were so many great search topics. I will be ordering from there soon!
Katie zuehlke

susan said...

I love how easy they make it to find what you need. I feel literature is an integral part of learning but it can be daunting to try and find just those perfect stories. Thanks for helping me make teaching fun, interesting, and a lot more organized!

Danielle said...

I love that this such a great resource!! It is nice to find books that focus on certain comprehension strategies or specific traits in writing. This is something that takes the guess work out of the process for teachers. I can't wait to start planning lessons this summer using this resource!


Mrs. Wheeler said...

WOW! Such an awesome site!!!! I LOOOVE Lucy Calkins and I was so happy to see there was a section devoted to her at the Clever Teacher site! There were some books mentioned that I don't have...would love to win so I could add to my collection!


kcal88 said...

As I was looking through the books they have listed for unit 1 for the common core I was happy to see I already have a few of the titles listed. How fantastic that I can just look to this site to see what I need and then order it from them!
I so appreciate the thought behind this site and I will definitely be using it as a resource in my planning for instruction.


Anonymous said...

It was so nice how it is organized by grade level. The common core resources is just what I have been looking for! It will be a great site to explore and buy from this summer.


Lyn said...

I like the Lucy Caulkins section...its great to have everything in one place. Thanks for sharing.
Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales

Stellaluna said...

I love this site. It is really going to help organize books that go with the Common Core standards and units.

Anonymous said...

This is a great website idea for teachers! I must be living under a rock as I haven't heard of Lucy Calkins or Katie Wood Ray. Thanks for widening my knowledge. Do you plan to add a comment/review section for each book so that teachers can share their own activities/tips on how they used the book? I bookmarked this site!


Anonymous said...

After a switch from kindergarten to second grade, I need a great resource that will provide me with quality books that I can use! This is a site that I will save because I don't have to search very far for some great ideas!!!

Thank you for making my job easier!!

Michelle Dennis

txteach said...

What a neat website! I will be teaching 2nd grade next year after years of teaching kinder, so this will definitely help me find resources. I especially like the Lucy Calkins area...


Brenda said...

I love, love, love that you can look up books according to strategy or skill! How awesome is that?!?


Amy Rider said...

I love so many things about The Clever School Teacher!!! The search categories are wonderful. Being able to quickly search for a book by genre, craft, comprehension strategies, etc... is perfect!

Amy Rider

Literacy and Laughter


Mrs. Frost's Classroom said...

I love the way she has broken this down into each comprehension strategy and organized the books. As well as the 6 traits. We just started using this this year and as I look through the way she has some books categorized, I can add to my own collection with my books. But I definitely be ordering more from The Clever School Teacher this summer!

Karyn said...

Wow! This site is AMAZING! I love how it is organized and the search option! I loved learning about books that I'd never heard of and others that I knew about but didn't think to use them for the strategy mentioned on the site!


A is for Apple B is for Blog

Randy said...

I liked the common core link and that it can be linked to just my grade level.

Kshee23 said...

I love the organization! This will save me so much time!


erin said...

What an amazing site. I am so glad you have introduced it me. I like so many aspects of CST but I LOVE that many go with common core and that it is a very easy site to navigate. I am totally going to start researching new ideas for next year. I am starting a whole new school and how wonderful it will be to have many new ideas. Thanks again!

Vanessa said...

Thank you for all your great ideas! I follow you many times a week!

cwarchol said...

This fall I am slated to teach a split class, k/1. I am looking for sites and lessons this summer to merge and differentiate where I can and this site is going to be a huge help for my guided reading, word work, and writer's workshop!