Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ryan the Spy and: The Superhero Secret

We are always looking for ways to teach our students that they have value and that they can do anything with hard work and practice. We also want our students to learn that when the work gets hard they should persevere, not give up.

Recently, I had the fortune of connecting up with Jason Rago a first grade teacher and the author of Ryan the Spy and: The Superhero Secret. Jason's book Ryan the Spy is perfect for teaching our students these lessons.
We spend so much time during the day teaching our students academic skills that we sometimes forget to stop and include mini-lessons on character traits and behavior. We work to model these things for our students all day everyday, but sometimes it is nice to have a book character that kids can relate to, follow, and learn from.

Ryan the Superhero is the first book in the series. Jason hopes to write more stories about Ryan, making him a meaningful series character that teaches young children unique and valuable life lessons. You can learn more about Jason and his spy character Ryan on his website and you can purchase your own copy of the book Ryan the Spy here.


Jaycee Weaver and Lohren Nolan said...

I totally agree! I'll have to get my hands on a copy of this! I love your blog by the way!

Lohren Nolan

School Sparks Renee said...

You are so right. Thanks for putting these important ideas in the forefront! Renee