Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Retelling Rope

A first grade teacher came across this idea last week during our meeting. 

Kelli from Castles and Crayons did a guest post for Teaching in High Heels last week. Her post was all about retelling. You can check out Kelli's post here and download her retelling rope freebie here

Here is how I used the retelling rope today with a kindergarten class....

I used my new book Pig's Egg for the lesson. The kids LOVED this book by the way and I was able to generate some rich discussion about how pig felt, why pig could not fly, and pig's not really hatching the egg or teaching the butterfly how to fly. 
Before reading the story, I told the students that while they listened to the story I wanted them to be thinking about the setting, the characters, the event that kicked the story off (what happened first), the beginning, the middle, and the end. While reading the story, I asked questions pertaining to what I wanted them to listen for as I read as well as other HOTS questions to check for understanding and to take them deeper into the story. 

After reading the story, I used the retelling rope to go back over the setting, the characters, and the events in the story. 

When someone is taking a picture of you teaching it is hard to get one where your mouth is not open or doing something strange looking!! lol. I had the students come up, hold the part of the retelling rope we were talking about, and share. He did this twice. I wanted to give more children a chance to come up and I wanted to make sure we were well versed in the story and what happened in it. 

The retelling rope worked great and the students really enjoyed using it. Now that I have tried the idea out I think I would like to go back and add problem and solution to the rope. This strategy would work great in a retelling station. You could also make a class set of the ropes and let students use them doing partner share. 

For another idea for story retelling, check out The First Grade Parade's "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" retelling strategy here


Fran Kramer said...

We do a similar type of retelling using a yard stick with velcro to change out the characters and the setting, and important events. It is so cute to hand it to a child and have them do this with a microphone.
I like using a flow map in a pocket chart too. Thanks for sharing this!

Shelley Gray said...

I love these! I have done a similar activity called a story vine. You can read about it on my blog here.

Thanks for sharing!

Teaching in the Early Years

April Larremore said...

Love your ideas Fran and Shelley. Thanks for sharing them.