Monday, April 16, 2012

Meeting Marc Brown

Yesterday at the DMA's Arts and Letters Live, I heard Marc Brown talk about his family, where he gets his story ideas, his books, and much more! He was so funny. It was a great afternoon!!

He showed us how he drew the original Arthur back in the 1970's.

Then he showed us how he draws Arthur now and talked about why Arthur's look has changed over the years.

I loved seeing pictures of his studio. These are his idea drawers. They are full of his thoughts for new stories!!

Who is his favorite character that he writes about?? D.W. of course!! Isn't she everyone's favorite!!

He has met several presidents and their wives thanks to his book Arthur Meets the President. He even has a goat named Hillary Clinton and the REAL Hillary Clinton has met his goat.

Many of the Arthur characters are based on his old classmates. He even used to wear a bowtie similar to the one Arthur often wears. Mr. Ratburn is based on his old teacher Mr. Rathbun and oh-oh.... the real Mr. Rathbun found out!! It all worked out though. Now Mr. Rathbun uses his fame as Mr. Ratburn to encourage kids to read.

Many celebrities have stopped by the Arthur television show on PBS. Can you guess who this celebrity is?

He read his new book If All the Animals Came Inside. I loved it! It is such a fun book! Perfect for a little creative writing about what else would happen.... if all the animals came inside!!

He finished with a shared reading of Farmyard Beat. What a great book to use when learning about farm animals, rhymes, onomatopoeia, and patterns in text. I love the ending when all of the animals fall asleep in a heap!! This book would be perfect for a reader's theater or a fun story to act out.

Three girls with autographed books by Marc Brown - My nieces Kylie (5) and Alexis (8) and my daughter Abby (8).

Now I am getting ready for Judy Blume Thursday night!! It is the 40th anniversary of Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing. I can't wait!


Sprinkle Teaching Magic (Sheila) said...

Such an interesting read. Sounds like a very fun presentation he gave. I can't seem to guess the celebrity??? Matt Damon? I am in the middle of my farm unit so that Farmyard Beat looks great. Judy Blume is my fav! My name is Sheila and I always loved how she used my name in her books. As a kid I thought that was super special!

Sprinkle Teaching Magic

Lacey said...

I went to see Laura Numeroff but am missing these two!!! Thanks for sharing insight into what he talked about! :)
Wild about Teaching!

Chrissy said...

How exciting! I can't believe you get to hear these incredible authors speak. It was interesting to read about Marc Brown- can't wait to share the info with my students. I hope you'll share about Judy Blume too. Thanks!
 Chrissy

First Grade Found Me

Christina said...

You are SOOO lucky!!! Thanks for sharing all the cool info and pictures with us. It is nice to live vicariously through fellow blogger friends!
Sea Bear's Kindergarten

Mrs. Larremore said...

Matt Damon it is!! :)

Runmissnelsonsgotthecamera said...

Thanks for always sharing great read alouds. I just posted a new giveaway for Julia Cook's newest book BLUELOON. I'd love for you to enter.

School Sparks Renee said...

Sounds like a great presentation! Thanks for highlighting some other Marc Brown books. I'll look for those. Have fun with Judy Blume. Renee

Lee Ann said...

How exciting!!I am so jealous!Thanks for sharing. Where are you meeting these authors? We never have anyone here where I live.

Mrs. Larremore said...

Lee Ann,

Lately I have met them through Arts and Letters Live at the Dallas Museum of Art. I have also met them through Barnes and Nobel. Sometimes bigger stores will bring popular authors. Some authors, like Mo Willems for example, list where they are appearing on their websites and blogs.