Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Label It.... A Real Fireman

A few weeks ago I was thinking about a lesson I was going to teach to a group of kindergartners on firemen and fire safety. I wanted to do something different than your basic lesson on what a fireman does because I knew the firemen were coming for a visit and they would be talking about that.

With the help of my fireman friend, Tim, this is what I came up with....

I started the lesson with the book Big Frank's Fire Truck. This is a great book for showing students all of the different types of things a fireman can do on a 24 hour shift. It talks about how many hours a fireman works on a shift, the different types of trucks that can be at a station, what the station might have, what happens when tones sound and a call comes in, what fireman do while they are not out on emergency calls, and about their uniforms. Out of all of the books on firemen that I have read, this is one of my favorites.
After reading and discussing the book, Tim brought in all of his gear to show the kids. He talked about each piece of his uniform and why it was so important to the job of being a fireman. The kids learned about where he keeps his tools on his uniform, why his helmet is red, how he uses his air tank, special safety features on his uniform pieces, and where he keeps his gear when he is not on a call.

After Tim was done talking with the kids about all of the parts of his uniform, why each part was important, and how his gear was different than the coats, gloves, and boots they had in their own closets, he suited up and let the kids label him.

He put one piece of his gear on at a time while the kids recalled what he needed, what it was called, and why it was important or how it was used. As he added each piece of gear, the kids labeled it. They loved this!!

After he was all suited up he showed the kids how firemen enter homes and buildings that are on fire. Then we talked about fire safety- what to do if their house is on fire and when to call 911.
I followed up the labeling activity with a brace map. This brace map is in Spanish because I was in a dual language classroom. As we put the map together, I had the kids recall the parts of a fireman's uniform and why they are important. As we added each piece to the brace map, we pretended to put that piece of gear on. 

The kids loved this lesson! They learned a lot about what a fireman does, fire safety, and the special gear a fireman has to wear when he is on the job. 


School Sparks Renee said...

What a great lesson for kids. The book about firefighters looks terrific - I'll have to get that. Where did you get the adorable parts to your graph? Do you draw those yourself? Also, what font did you use for the labels? It is all so cute! Renee

applesandabcs said...

I love how they got to lable the fireman! What a great idea!


billi said...

how great that the firefighter went along with this!!

Andi said...

How cute!! I love it all!

Mrs. Larremore said...

I used the basic fireman pattern from the TLC Lessons People book. I added the hood, the mask, brim of the hat, air tank, and details to the bunker gear. The font is called smiley monster. It's from Kevin and Amanda. Its free!! Go here -