Monday, April 9, 2012

Frog and Toad

I am always looking for response to literature activities since I have to read a book with every lesson I teach!! I just found these super cute Frog and Toad puppets from First Grade and Fabulous.
These puppets go great with Deedee's Frog and Toad Literacy and Math Stations.


Lori Rosenberg said...

I love the frog puppets! So cute!

Teaching With Love and Laughter

Sue said...

The frog puppet is cute.

I love all the ideas you share on your blog that is why I nominated you for a top 10 blog.


Kaleigh said...

So cute! I've tagged you! Come on over to my blog and play along!

Kaleigh's Klassroom

Deedee Wills said...

Thank you April for the shout-out!

~DeAnne~ said...

So glad you liked my Frog and Toad craft. I noticed I had some traffic from your blog, I had to check it out---new follower...would love you to visit me again!

First Grade and Fabulous