Monday, April 23, 2012

Duck on a Bike

I was reading the book Duck on a Bike by David Shannon this morning and right in the middle of my lesson I thought of a fun literature response activity to go with the book.
When duck rides by all of the other farm animals, they all say something to him about riding the bike well, but they are really thinking other thoughts about the way he is riding the bike.

Brainstorm a list of things the other animals could be thinking about duck being on a bike or what they would do if they could ride duck's bike. Have students choose a character from the book, make the animal's face out of construction paper, and write a speech bubble for what they could say to duck or a thought bubble for what they could be thinking. Another idea would be to change the story-line to duck on a tractor, duck on a motorcycle, duck on roller skates, etc.

You could also extend the writing by having students write why they thought the animal would say or think what they wrote. Rather than write why, students could also share their animal faces and writing and then orally explain why their animal said or thought what it did.

Julie Lee and Jamie Mayas' unit Faces of the Farm is perfect for making the animal faces. It does not cover all of the animals from the story, but it covers most of them. You could easily make up patterns for the others using the ones from the unit.

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