Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Classroom Jeopardy

Recently the company Educational Insights shared their game Classroom Jeopardy with me. I used the game with a first grade teacher and her class and it was a huge it!
Hayley Bishop from Bishop's Blackboard used the game with her first grade class and this is what she had to say about it. 

"My kids loved the Jeopardy Game. It was extremely easy to set up - plugs straight into the video component of the Promethean. Using the Clue Studio software, I created two games. One was to review math and science concepts from the last few weeks (plant parts, living/non-living, addition/subtraction word problems, and fact families.) The other one was a math review game for the 3rd nine weeks. It included categories for addition word problems, subtraction word problems, fact families, ordering events and objects, and two place value categories. 
How the game works:
The first two people had the joysticks and would choose the categories, value, etc. and respond with their answers. I had all the students sit in rows and they each had a dry erase board to work out the problems, if needed. 
I like the way the Jeopardy game is set up because after you show the question, there is time, if needed to give the students a chance to solve the problem. With the math, I had them solve the problem on their dry erase boards. After a chance to work out the problems, I would then tell them to get their joysticks and push "begin." Then whoever the first to respond answered the question. The entire class had the chance to say if they were correct or not before I pushed it on the teacher remote control. On other questions, such as the science questions, that did not require working a problem out, I could just choose "begin" and we didn't need to wait. We continued by passing the joysticks to whoever was next in line until everyone had a turn. 
What I love about it:
The students were very engaged because of the competative nature of the game - they all wanted to win. I also liked that the game keeps score electronically and takes off points for incorrect answers. It helps the students see the importance of getting the answers correct (great for test taking) and discourages just guessing or pushing the button without listening to the question just to be first. Overall, they seemed to love it and I found it very easy to use."

I love how Hayley used the game with her students, especially including dry erase boards for the little ones. She is using the game during whole group instruction as well as during tutoring time. The game comes in an easy to carry case so it could easily be shared between teachers. Hayley combined her class with another first grade class so that they could play the game together and the process and timing worked just as well as when she did it with just her class. You can learn more about Classroom Jeopardy or purchase your own here


Jaycee Weaver and Lohren Nolan said...

I love that idea! I will have to look into those!


Lohren Nolan

Miss DeCarbo said...

This looks fantastic! Look how engaged those kids are. :)

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Hayley Bishop said...

Love it! Thanks!