Monday, March 12, 2012

Teaching Young Children How to Write

Here are some great ideas I found from Joyful Leaning in KC for teaching young children to write. Click on the links below to learn more about teaching children to pick topics they know and care about, to set writing goals, to see how they have grown as writers, to encourage adding more details, and to learn more about how-to writing.

Great Books for Teaching Young Children to Write


Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing these great resources! I'm always looking for new writing ideas, especially around this time of year in Kindergarten when they are becoming more confident writers!

Kindergarten Kel

Erin Sample said...

Thanks for these great pics and resources. I always struggle keeping my writer's workshop flowing through stages. Thanks!


baby care said...

Teaching to children is most difficult task because they like to write in round and round some time we also get irritated because they keep on doing same thing again and again but the best way is to teach with the help of picture representation.