Sunday, March 11, 2012

Super Joyful about Joyful Learning in KC!!

Due to my oral exams, I am soooo far behind on checking out blogs and making posts!! I am hoping to get caught up this week!! I hate missing out on what everyone has going on in their classroom.

If you are not keeping up with Joyful Learning in KC: A Blog for Kindergarten Teachers, then you are missing great things!! I have been reading through her most recent posts and working my ways backwards.... and I can't stop reading!! She has great literature response ideas to all of Eric Carle's books and tons of writing tips and suggestions!! I love her use of non-fiction texts! She also has lots of freebies!! I have just barely skimmed the surface of all of her posts.... so I am going to keep at it. You should join me!!


Ms. Patterson said...

Thanks for sharing this great blog! I just checked it out and she is amazing.

Ms. Patterson

Pocket Full of Kinders

applesandabcs said...

Thanks for sharing! I found her blog the other day too!!!

Apples and ABC's

Mrs. Clancy said...

April, Thank you so much for blogging about my blog!! This is the biggest compliment coming from my favorite blogger and someone who is an expert in the field of literacy!!! Happy almost Friday!! Melissa

Mrs. Larremore said...

You are so welcome!! I am using your writing posts to help teachers in my district!! Thanks for sharing what you are doing with your students!!