Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Greatest Teacher" in Technology Giveaway!

The Worth Avenue Group is a corporation that has provided products and services to students, teachers, and schools for over 40 years. Believing that technology plays a vital role in preparing young children for the future, they are sponsoring "The Best Teacher in America" Giveaway.  The winning school will receive a 25K Technology Grant, the winning teacher will receive and iPad and 30 iPod touches for his/her class, and 10 voters will win iPads just for nominating a teacher.You can check out the Worth Avenue Group's Education page here.

For a chance to win, all you need to do is nominate a teacher at your school for the "Best Teacher in America". Get the word out and continue to help and encourage voting for the teacher you nominated. The school who has the teacher with the most nominations wins the grand prize. The school who has a teacher finish 2nd-6th place will receive one of 5 second place prizes. Voting has already begun and ends March 31st.

For more information about all of the prizes you can win, to nominate a teacher, or to vote for one, go to It is so easy to enter. It only takes a couple of seconds to nominate who you think is the best teacher in America! Help your school win!! Enter today!


Mary said...

LOVE THIS! Just filled out for a staff member at my school. WIll send out my school email and on my blog! Thanks

Sharing Kindergaren

Denver Long said...

Totally into this. Filled up my form.