Monday, March 26, 2012

Classroom Library Linky Party

Amy Rider from Literacy and Laughter is having a Classroom Library Linky Party and I am joining in. Here is how I set up and manage my classroom library.

I try to change things up every once in awhile to keep kids engaged and excited about going to the classroom library station.

I have used lamps, pillows, stuffed animals, chairs, pointers, and themes to keep the station fun. I change the books out periodically to hold interest. For my kinder kids I have always grouped my book bins by letter or theme. I have not grouped books in the classroom library station by level in kindergarten. I also switch out using big books and magazines.

I label book bins with picture/word cards and put color coded stickers on books to help them get back to the correct bin. I usually begin the year with just a few books in each bin. Once students get good at keeping up with the station and getting books back where they go, I gradually add more books to the bins.

Here are a few pictures of different ways I have set up my classroom library.

Sometimes I use the bookshelf instead of book bins. This works well for starting the year. 

Create "I Can" lists of what students can do in the classroom library. Take pictures of them doing it and display them with the list. 

Put fun chairs out for students to sit in. 

My students always love having a "reading buddy" to read with. 

Sometimes I move the station and have it include my big books and pointers.

Sometimes I have a theme. This is when I had a rain forest theme. I added stuffed animals and books on the rain forest and added the snake over the station just for fun. The book shelf you see on the floor was part of my science center.
I store my books in bins by letter, concept, theme, author, etc. I pull books from my buckets to place in the station. I change the books in the station out periodically.

Sometimes I combine my listening center and classroom library because I have so many stations. Store books and tapes or CDs in a pocket chart made for folders. I teach students to put one book and one tape in each pocket. The pocket they go in does not matter. I got this pocket chart free from Highlights Magazine. 
Link up with Amy at Classroom Library Linky Party and tell everyone how you set up your classroom library.


Jen said...

Such a wonderful classroom library! Your students must really enjoy their special reading space.

Creative and Curious Kids!

Lori said...

Great classroom library! Thank you for sharing pictures! I love to see inside other's rooms.
Conversations in Literacy

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Your classroom is a dream come true!!

Amy Rider said...


WOW!!! I just love your classroom photos. Your library is incredible!! So cozy and FULL of great books! Thank you so much for linking up. I am really enjoying checking out all of the libraries... so many GREAT IDEAS!

Thanks again!


Mrs. M said...

Your photos are amazing! Just gave me lots of ideas...I'm already thinking about next year! =)