Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tame vs. Wild Animals

I did a fun lesson today on animal characteristics. I started the lesson by talking about what characteristics means. Then we had a discussion about various animal characteristics. From there, I led our discussion to tame and wild animals. We talked about the difference between the two and what both words mean. I made sure that students understood that tame and wild did not have to do with animals coverings or the way they move. For example, there are tame animals with fur like dogs and wild animals with fur like bears. We also talked about how some animals can be both tame and wild. For example, there are frogs that live in the Rain Forest that are poisonous and frogs that can be kept as pets. We also talked about how tame animals usually need someone to care for them like an owner or a farmer.

First we did a whole group sort together to make sure students understood the difference between tame animals and wild animals. I made this sort so that it would be different from the small group sort in Kim's unit. You can download this sort for free here.

Then I placed students into small groups and let them do a sort with different animals. This sort came from Kim Adsit's Science Blasters Animals- Wild and Tame. This is a great unit on animal characteristics!! It is well worth the money.

I love this group's sort. They said a turkey could be both tame and wild because it could live in the forest on its own or it could live on a farm and be taken care of by a farmer. Since they thought it was both, they placed it in the middle.
Then we made the Tame/Wild Animal book from the unit. For times sake, we made a class book where each child made one page instead of each child making their own.
 Here are the beginnings of the book. I had to leave before the students finished their pages, so I do not have any pictures of their completed work.


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

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These activities are super cute!

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