Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Resource for Dual Language Teachers

A Children's Book Designed to Teach Language
A guest post by Tim Johnson of

We lie at an interesting place in the history of mankind.  Information moves so quickly and knowledge and know-how flows around the world in abundance.  The rate of change of our civilization is increasing by the day and all children born will have an amazing lifetime ahead of them; a lifetime ripe with possibilities yet full of ambiguity.  In a world of over seven billion people, there will be challenges and competition ahead of them at every corner.

In order to give them the best chance to take advantage of the opportunities ahead, we, as educators and parents, have to prepare them with the best tools available - tools that are ahead of the curve and allow them to learn what is right for them.

Starting at a young age, it is increasingly more important to prepare our children with foreign language skills.  As all of the readers here know, children's minds are like sponges and can absorb anything that is put in front of them.  One of the tools I believe is best for an early introduction to any foreign language is an entertaining picture book written in two languages.  This allows children to enjoy what they are doing/seeing/hearing and disguises the lesson as a fun story time.  It also gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your children while giving them extremely useful knowledge that will benefit them for years to come.

I have developed a children's dual language book that is specifically designed to help children learn and retain foreign words and strategies through techniques like repeat words, opposites, simple phrases, corresponding words that are highlighted in both languages, a vocabulary list and corresponding imagery.  This is the first book I have written and will be the first book in a series of 'The Adventures of Bosley Bear'.  It's the story of a small bear who is excited to see and experience everything around him.  This story encourages children to take on new challenges and helps to build confidence for children experiencing new things.  The story is about Bosley’s determination to challenge himself and discover new possibilities, and his realization that there is so much out there in the big world to explore.  So far I have translations in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese and Russian (and hopefully more to come).

Currently I am offering pre-orders to try to raise money to publish the book through Kickstarter.  I have recorded a video explanation of the book which includes images of the illustrations and samples of what can be learned and you can watch the video at the link below.  If you are an educator or parent and are interested in helping this new learning tool become a reality, you can pre-order your copy/copies of the book at Kickstarter:

Thank you for your support and thank you to Mrs. Larremore for letting me share this information here on Chalk Talk!

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