Saturday, January 21, 2012


For all of you pre-k teachers and kinder teachers who love to celebrate a letter a week, I just found a great new letter resource that you may be interested in. It is called Alphamania: An Alphabet Resource for Teachers and Parents. For each letter of the alphabet, Cindy has ideas for crafts, activities, foods to taste, special guests to bring in, books to read, songs, places in the world that start with that letter, and other letter prompts to inspire further study. The activities are simple and fun! My favorites are "Special Guests and/or Road Trips", "Letter Stretchers" and "Where on Earth is.....?" because these are ideas you do not find in most alphabet resources. Really.... "Tiny Tastes" is my favorite because its foods that start with that letter.... and we used to LOVE to eat in my classroom! Check out Cindy's book here.

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