Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Behavior Incentives

I was in a kindergarten classroom last week and saw this classroom management idea. We all know our little ones tend to get a little crazier the closer we get to a holiday or a break, so this teacher decided to implement this Christmas tree ornament reward system to encourage making good choices.

The teacher had students cut out a large Christmas tree and write their name on it. She encouraged them to write their name big and "fancy" in the middle of the tree.
Then she explained to the students how they could earn ornaments for making good choices, being kind, following directions, etc. and that on the last day before break, everyone would count their ornaments and those with the most would receive a special reward.You could adapt this idea several ways.... students could do it individually, as tables or in small groups, or even against other classes.

The "ornaments" for the trees are stickers. 


Annie Moffatt said...

I LOVE this idea! I think we will be implementing this in the Moffatt Girls' house:)

Mrs. Russell's Class said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing! I'd like to do this with my preschoolers!

Miss Brittany said...

What a great idea!

Jennifer said...

What a great idea! I love it! Now to clear a wall away to make room! =)

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SAS said...

This is very cute! I started doing a reward system a few months ago. Students have the letters that spell out the reward (Toy Day, Movie/Lunch) and they get letters marked out throughout the week. If they have any letters left by Friday they get the reward. It has been great!

Your blog makes me smile! I gave you the Sunshine Award!

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Arianne said...

Soo cute! Thanks for sharing. Marking for next year!

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