Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Voting Process

I loved this lesson on voting that I saw today in a kindergarten classroom. 

The teacher introduced the book Duck For President. Then she reminded the students of the voting they did in the classroom the day before and what it means to vote. Then the students voted on where they wanted to read the book, Duck for President.The teacher gave the students three choices- in the library, in the cafeteria, or in the habitat outside.

To vote, the students placed Popsicle sticks in one of three containers which were labeled "library," "cafeteria," and "habitat." Each student was given a Popsicle stick after the instructions were explained. The teacher had the students stop and think about what they wanted to vote for. Then she called them up by tables to vote by placing their Popsicle stick in a container. After everyone voted, they counted how many sticks were in each container using tally marks. After each group was tallied, they made comparisons.

Of course, the habitat won!! The kids loved getting to hear the story outside. 
What a great way to learn about voting and to keep students engaged at the same time!

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Jennifer said...

I love this idea for teaching about voting!!! Thanks for sharing it!! I also LOVE the book Duck for President!!