Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sorting Letters

This is another lesson I saw today that I really liked. The lesson was on sorting

The teacher reminded students of the sorting they had done the day before. Then she told them they would be doing some more sorting today. She also reminded them what it means to sort. This is an anchor chart they made during a previous sorting lesson. 
The teacher read the book Just Dog. As she read, they talked about different names the family could have come up with for the dog other than just "Dog."
Then they did a whole group name sort for the name "Dog." The teacher told the students this is what they would be doing with their names on their own at their tables when they were finished with the whole group sort. The paper helpers passed out letters to each student on the carpet. Then the teacher started with letter a, asked who had it, and called them up to sort the letter by whether it was in the word "Dog" or not in the word "Dog." This was a great lesson for letter recognition as well as sorting.
After the whole group sort, students went to their seat and sorted the letters in the own name. Students were given a sorting mat and a set of the letters of the alphabet. Jonathan was still working on his sort here. 


KdgKelly said...

Great sorting lesson idea!

Miss Brittany said...

Love the sorting idea!!

Hannah said...

What a great sorting idea! This would be a fantastic center activity. Eventually, you could combine two students names and have students find what letters are in their own names and a friends name and what letters are not in either of their names. I am always looking for ways to change it up due to the fact that my kindergarteners seem to become bored with repeated activities very easily.

Liz Mccaw said...

Thanks for this great idea, I just made one for my kinders. They love sorting and this will be a hit. I introduced sorting with giant foam letter magnets and the kids have been playing the game all week.