Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lesson Plan SOS and Their Paper Pumpkins

I love the idea that Lesson Plan SOS just posted on making paper pumpkins. Go to their post How to Make a Paper Pumpkin: Fun With Expository Writing to get more details on the project.

If I was using this idea with my kindergarten students, I would do one of several things...
Make a class pumpkin and do shared or interactive how to writing.

Have students work as a table to make their pumpkin. Take dictation using the computer to display with their pumpkin.

Have students work as a table to make their pumpkin and provide them with a how to template so that they do not have to fill in but a few word wall words or those words they can phonetically spell with ease.

Have students work in small groups with me to make a pumpkin and write their own how to paper on it.

Make a the project a home school connection. Send home materials and have students work with their parents to complete the project. When they return their pumpkins and writing to school, they can share what they did with their parents to make their pumpkin.

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