Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Edible Indian Corn

I just found this great idea on Pinterest for edible Indian corn that I wanted to share. 
Go to Busy Bee Kids Crafts for how to instructions.

TLC Lessons has a great Indian corn activity too. You can find it in the Fall Book. 

Students pattern small colored squares in lines. After the glue is dry, students clip corners and round the edges to make an oval shape. I use real corn husk strips for the corn husks. I stapled them to the bottom of the ear of corn. 
 Here is another example of the TLC Indian corn made from construction paper.

Sand Teepee's
A teacher in my district had her students use colored sand to decorate these teepee's this week.  
Students squeezed white glue onto an area of the teepee and rubbed it around with their finger. 
Then they sprinkled a cup of colored sand over the area.
They did each section one at a time so they could use different colors. 

Here are some great edible teepee's from Maddycakes Muse.


Kristin said...

You're making me hungry!!! :)
I am starting Native Americans in Social Studies next week and I'm super excited to try some of these projects. Thanks for sharing!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

April said...

Another easy corn project: take a lego base board and lay a piece of yellow construction paper on top. Rub a ruler over the board and it makes bumps that resemble corn. Cut into oval shapes and glue on real corn husks! Easy and super cute.