Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All About Faces!

I came across the book All About Faces! from one of Amy's posts on her blog Literacy and Laughter. This book is perfect for showing how illustrators use details to show what characters are feeling and thinking. It also worked well for a discussion on making text to self connections. I had students talk about the different feelings they saw in the book and they shared times they felt the same way as the characters in the book.

I also recently came across this book while at a conference.
It is a great resource for teaching young writers how to draw and write. It mentions several ways a teacher can support drawing in the classroom- create a drawing station, provide time for students to draw, model, think aloud about your own drawings, point out illustrations in books, use familiar shapes to teach students to draw, teach drawing using mini-lessons, and celebrate great work!

All of us get to know how to do something and how to do it well, by doing it a lot. The same goes for drawing. Have students draw a lot of the same thing over and over and in different ways. All About Faces! is the perfect book for introducing how to draw faces and showing how illustrators use detail to show feelings and thoughts.

We practiced drawing faces one step at a time. Before the lesson, I created charts with different types of mouths, noses, and eyes on them. We added each feature of the face one at a time. The students colored in their faces. To extend this lesson, students could write about what they were feeling in their picture or what happened that caused them to feel that way. After we were done with our drawings, students shared their drawings and how they felt in their picture. 
After displaying the drawing as a bulletin board, put the pages together to make an All About Faces! class book. Students can use their own class book as a reference or anchor chart for when they want to make details on their own characters to show a certain way they are feeling.

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