Monday, October 3, 2011

Turtle Brace Map Lesson

Today, I focused on the parts of the turtle for my lesson. We learned the names of the parts of the turtle and we discussed why each of the parts is important to the turtle.

We began by reviewing what we talked about last week, looking at a non-fiction text and discussing labeling, and naming all of the parts we wanted to discuss during the lesson.
Then we made a brace map to show the parts of the turtle. This brace map is in Spanish because I teach my lessons in a 2-way dual language classroom. We added picture clues to go with the words. As we added each part, I had all of the students say the name with me in both English and Spanish.

After we finished making the brace map, we reviewed all of the parts one more time. Then I shifted the discussion to labeling and what it means to label something. Then I used Julie Lee's great labeling idea. the students used post-it notes to label my body parts. They thought this was so much fun!! It also helped them with labeling their own turtles later in the lesson.

After labeling me, we made construction paper turtles. These turtles came from the newest version of the TLC Alphabet Book. 

After students were finished making their turtles, we labeled them one part at a time. After the fact, there are a few changes I would make to these labels. Instead of doing both "front" and "back" feet, I would just do the word "foot." I would also do only English or only Spanish on the labels.

We concluded the lesson by reviewing all of the body parts one last time, discussing why each one is important, and talking about what it means to label something. Of course we took Shelly out of the cage and everyone got a chance to rub her head and pet on her. She is so good about letting all of the kids rub her head. Tallulah is still a scaredy cat though and keeps her head hidden.

Turtle Brace Map

Turtle Brace Map Spanish


Kinderpond said...

I so love this! But I have a little request- can you put the English and Spanish on separate sheets? My computer lady might chop off my head if I printed all of it! lol


Caitlin said...

So cute!! Can you tell me what font that is? I love it!!


Mrs. Larremore said...

It is Giddy Gingerbread from Lettering Delights :)

Mrs. Larremore said...

No problem. Just separated them :)

Caitlin said...

Thank you so much!! :)

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