Saturday, October 29, 2011

Classroom Management

I know the year is well underway for everyone, and that most of you have management systems already in place, but I saw these two ideas yesterday and I wanted to share them.

This idea came from Tammy Loftus at Hobbs Williams Elementary
She uses an apple tree behavior system. Students have to add a worm to their apple when they change their color for making bad choices or using poor behavior. I like the connection to the worm in the apple and the way worms ruin an apple.
Each student has an apple with their name on it. The consequences for poor behavior are written at the bottom of the tree. The worms are stored in the basket beside the tree. The first time the students move their color, they add a green worm to their apple. If they have to move it again, they add a blue worm, and so on... 

This idea came from Amanda Fowler at Mike Moseley Elementary
The second idea had to do with when you need a student to help monitor the class. I never liked the idea of having students take names and the quiet game can get old fast. Amanda had to step away from the whole group area for just a minute to get something, so she asked a classmate to be her monitor. All the child did was sit with the kids and watch them. When she returned, she asked the student to name three friends that did an excellent job while she was away. He named three friends. Then she asked each one what cheer they wanted and then the class did the cheer for their good behavior. 
Go to Dr. Jean's Cheer Cards to download  32 cheer cards for free. They are perfect for putting on a ring by your whole group area.

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