Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apple Glyph

This apple glyph idea came from Shari Sloane and her site Kidscount1234. I changed the wording just a little to meet my needs. We started the lesson with an apple read aloud. Here are a few of my favorite apple books...
If I were to do this lesson again, I would go back and change the stem question. I would not make it "right" or "left", instead I would make it has as stem for "yes" and does not have a stem for "no."
Here is the glyph in Spanish.
Materials: red and green 9 X 9 squares, 1 X 2 inch green rectangles, 1 X 1 1:2 inch brown rectangles
Since my school does not have a worm die cut, I used a clip art pattern to make my worms. 

We made the glyph like a directional art activity. I told the students the question. Then I went around the room, passing out the pieces, and asking the students to answer me in a complete sentence. Then we cut and glued together. They had to cut corners and round to make the apple and the leaves. 
Then we analyzed our glyphs. The students brought their apples back to the carpet. Then I asked them the questions for the glyph again. Students sorted themselves on either side of the carpet based on their answers. After they sorted themselves each time, we counted how many were in each group and made comparisons using more than, less than, and the same. 
I forgot to create an "Analyzing the Graph" page for the lesson. We talked about our comparisons, but we did not chart them anywhere. I went back and made one for the download below. 

Apple Glyph

Apple Glyph Spanish

Analyzing Our Apple Glyph

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