Monday, September 26, 2011

Vocabulary Development

I was in a classroom today where a teacher was using a fun strategy to work on vocabulary with her kindergartners. I really liked the idea and wanted to share it with you. If you have something you do with your little ones to increase their vocabulary, please post below to share it with all of us.

As the class encounters new words in picture books they read or lessons they are taught, the teacher teaches them short kid friendly definitions of the words. Then she adds them to a list on the board for them to see. She never has more than 5-7 words listed at a time because she slowly drops some off the list, but continues to refer to them with the students. This teacher refers to the words as "trivia" but you could add whatever catchy name you wanted to them. Occasionally she does ticket drawings with the words. She calls on students to define the words and then she gives them a ticket for a special drawing when they define the words correctly. Students could be encouraged just by the praise they could earn for being able to define a word correctly. You could even have a bulletin board displaying pictures of students who know the "fancy" words.

By continuously reviewing the words and having a catchy name for them, the students remember the words and start to use them in their writing.


Cathy said...

Several years ago I taught full-day kindergarten (I'm in half-day now...don't ask me my opinion on that)...I have 2 ideas for voacabulary. At one school we picked a vocabulary word a week...something that was linked to our Standards, of course...and we did the Frayer model every week. The frayer model looks like 4-square writing, but the vocabulary word is put in the middle box on Monday and we discussed the word. We added something new with the word each day of the week. Tuesday: We added the definition to the top left. Wednesday: We added facts about the word to the top right. Thursday: We added examples (bottom left) and non-examples (bottom right) to the poster. Friday we reveiwed the word and all it's parts. We even had a vocabulary center the next week. The second idea was a list of vacabulary words words from read alouds...We made a color copy of the book on the top of a piece of construction paper positioned length-wise. We listed several words from the story under the picture of the cover. Then when we reveiwed the words, they could remember the book. Sorry this is so long. Thanks for your great blog.

Mrs. Larremore said...

Thanks for sharing these ideas Cathy!! I especially love the read aloud visual with the book covers.

vidhatanand said...

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