Monday, September 26, 2011

Turtle Time

We started our turtle lesson today by reviewing the information we placed under "our schema" last week. Then we read two short non-fiction books about turtles. We placed our new learning on the chart and moved some of our thoughts from last week to the "misconceptions" section of our chart based on our new learning from the day.
We talked about non-fiction books and their features. 

To keep the students engaged, we acted out some of the information we were learning about turtles as we read. Here, we were pretending to be water turtles swimming in the ocean.

This is where I introduced Tallulah, the newest addition to my turtle family. I was afraid Shelly was lonely, so last week I went back to Petsmart and bought another Red Footed Tortoise.

I placed Shelly and Talullah down on the carpet so the kids could watch how they move.

The turtles like to be held underneath their belly. That seems to be how they feel the most secure. 
Today, I let all of the students actually hold the turtles in their hands.

Shelly loves to have her head rubbed. Talullah is still a scaredy cat, but she loves to soak in her water pool.

Here is our updated schema chart. We will continue to add our new learning to it.

Next week, we are going to learn more about the parts of a turtle. The students are going to label turtles and we are going to make a brace map to show the turtle's parts.

a few of the great turtle books I found....

You can download the signs for the turtle schema chart from last week's turtle post.

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