Thursday, September 15, 2011

Practicing Number Writing With Dr. Jean's Totally Math

I visited a classroom this week and I loved how they were practicing numeral writing. The teacher was using the song "Chant and Write" off of Dr. Jean's CD Totally Math to help the kids practice. All of the students had wipe-off boards and dry erase markers. The teacher played one number in the song at a time, modeling how to write the numbers for the students as they sang the song. Then the students practiced writing the number on the board while they sang the song. After they made it from 0-5, the teacher asked the students questions and had them point to specific numbers. For example, point to number 5, point to the number that is between 3 and 5, point to the numbers that are larger than 3, point to the number that is less than 1, etc. The kids were all engaged and practicing. When they made a mistake writing, they quickly erased it and tried again.


Kreative in Kinder said...

I have that CD but never thought to do that. I am totally going to do this! Thanks!

<>< Crystal

Mrs. Lochel said...

Haven't seen that CD....thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

OKAY, now I have another new song I am going to introduce! I have the CD, but haven't gotten to it yet! Thanks for sharing!
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