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Compond Words

From Dr. Jean's CD Is Everybody Happy? Compound Boogie

these videos came from You Tube

Dr. Jean's Compound Boogie

This came from someone's blog, but unfortunately I am not sure which one. A teacher in my district shared it with me, but could not remember where she found it. Please comment below if you made this and I will take out the embedded document and put a direct link to your blog.
 Compound Words

If You Take a Mouse to the Movies Compound Word Lesson
to go with If You Take a Mouse to the Movies

good read alouds for teaching compound words

After reading Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, brainstorm compound words and post them on a large cloud cutout.

Also from I (Heart) Teaching....

 Compound Word Match-up Game
I would have younger students match picture cards with words. 
Allowing students to walk around the room and find each other is just another way to play a match up game.

From Kidscount1234 and Jack Hartmann - Have You Heard About Compound Words from his CD Hip-Hop Alphabop. From Shari's sight, you can download the words and lyrics for free. 

Using word magnets (magnetic poetry kits, for example), kids can put together two words to make one. This can be a language arts workstation or work center activity, in which a small group of children pulls words from a bag or box and places them on a magnetic white board to make words. Using a sand timer or kitchen timer, kids can see how many compound words they can create in a predetermined amount of time. The teacher can review the words to make sure that they are truly compound words.

Brainstorming Game Children in the grade school classroom can play a brainstorming game as part of their compound word lesson plan. To do this, a teacher will write a simple word on the board and then ask for students to create as many compound words out of that simple word as they can. This can be an oral exercise done by the entire class, or an individual written one.

An example of a good simple word that can be made into many compound words is "jack." Children can then make words like "jackrabbit," "jackhammer" and "lumberjack." Another possibility would be the word "light." Kids can then brainstorm compound words such as "lightbulb," "flashlight" or "lighthouse."

Word Hunt For younger children, compound word hunts can be done by using their favorite story books. Have children go through a picture book or leveled reader and find all of the compound words on each page. Teachers can prepare an answer worksheet ahead of time for this exercise, if desired.

From Hawk's Nest VPK Preschool

from Carl's Corner, you will find compound word go fish, word puzzles, and  picture sorts
(you will have to scroll down and look on the right side of the page)
From Life in First Grade

From Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

From Adventures in Teaching....
compound word puzzles you can download for free

From Bright Hub....
Clapping Activity
Speak the first word of a compound word aloud. Instruct the children to say the word and clap. Then speak the second word of the compound aloud. Have the students repeat this word and clap. Then tell the preschoolers to say both words together and to clap for each word. For example: apple (clap) + sauce (clap) → apple (clap) sauce (clap). The clapping activity teaches preschool aged children that compounds consist of multiple words.

Picture Cards For each compound word, make three picture cards. One card should include an image of the compound word while the other two cards should include images of the two words that form the compound. For example, use a picture of a tooth and a picture of a brush for the compound word toothbrush. As an activity, hold up the two cards that make up the compound. Have the preschoolers figure out the words and then the compound word. Once the students have figured out the compound, show them the picture of the compound word. This picture card activity also teaches young children that compounds are formed by combining two or more words.

Silly Compounds
For a fun compound word activity that preschoolers will love, have the students think up new and possibly silly compounds. Also have the children describe what their new words mean. For example, cat + shower → catshower (a shower for cats) and monkey + pants → monkeypants (pants for monkeys or pants with a monkey pattern). This activity helps reinforce the idea that compound words are new words that are made up of two other words.

From The Learning Center
Foldable Compound Words

Other ideas....
create a circle map with compound words (be sure to add picture clues), use stamps on Pixie or Kid Pix to make compound words, have students hold word cards and use their bodies to match themselves up with each other to form compound words (be sure to include pictures)


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