Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christopher Columbus

Someone emailed me today and asked me for some ideas for teaching on Christopher Columbus. Here are the things I usually do or know about. If you have a great Christopher Columbus idea, please comment below or leave us a link to your blog post about it.

TLC Lessons has several books with Columbus lessons in them.You can find Columbus lessons in the Pre-Kindergarten Lessons (September - December) book and the Fall Book. 

This bulletin board picture came from Victoria at Kinderkorner.

Here is another TLC example

a few more ideas....
To wrap up your study of Columbus, create a circle map on him. Put a picture of Columbus and his name in the center circle. Have students tell you information they have learned throughout their study of Columbus.

Create a tree map about Columbus. Columbus is.... Columbus has..... Columbus can....

Learn what it means to be an explorer. Brainstorm ideas for what an explorer is. Have students draw pictures to add to a chart for "An Explorer is...." (similar to the picture below using a scientist). Ask the question "Would you want to be an explorer? Why or Why not?" Collect the students answers and create a class graph. Analyze the graph.
Example from Kreative in Kinder

This is a class book we made about being explorers.

If I Were an Explorer
The book is a fun read aloud for talking about exploring things. 

 Make a schema chart. Begin with students sharing their schema about Columbus. After reading a few informational texts, have students add their new learning to the chart and look for misconceptions in their schema.
From Academy at Thousand Oaks-lots of ideas for teaching lessons using maps and more information about these great boats

From Mary E. Scroggins Elementary - these great ships made from pumpkins

From SFGate - create these fun ships and act out Columbus' voyage

From DLTK - paper towel tube spyglass
a few songs and fingerplays about Columbus....

a few good read alouds about Columbus.....

a few boat snacks...
From Totally Tots

From Days of Mama-hood

From More Than Enough
 From Handmade Beginnings

a few lessons I created a few years ago for our curriculum....
Columbus Lesson
Columbus Lesson Ext