Thursday, August 25, 2011

Classroom Aprons

Looking for the perfect apron to wear in your classroom. I just came across these on Etsy and I love them. They are short so they will not get your way and they have lots of pockets for storage. Check them out at Food Phyte: Textiles for the Kitchen. They are just $24.95 and there are tons of prints to choose from. I just bought the first one pictured!!


Kristen said...

Love the aprons, love the new blog design, and LOVE the "chalk on"!! This is all so great April!
Kristen :)

Wild About Kindergarten! said...

Thank you for sharing! They are adorable and I am heading over there right now to purchase the red, white, and green apples!

Amanda said...

These aprons are adorable. I homeschool and am now following your blog to get inspiration for my classes at home. This blog looks fantastic. I'm happy I stumbled across it!

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