Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yah! A Couple of New Blogs to Me!!

I found these two blogs this weekend and love them. Lots of great ideas!!

Frogs in First.

A few of my favorite posts are...
Themed Word Walls This is my favorite because the pirate one is a free download and it is just the one I needed. There are several others posted on TPT. Make sure to check them out and see if your theme is there.

Frog Folders downloads for student take home binders

Getting Them Home free downloads for sticker labels to put on your students the first week to show how they go home

Welcome to Room 136

A few of my favorite posts are...
TPT and School Words great activities for the pocket chart center

Piggy Bank a free download for keeping track of the number of days in school with money

Seahorse and How To Writing lots of great pictures from Deanna's pirate unit and a free download for how to make sand pudding

Actually.... there are so many posts from Mrs. William's blog that I love!! so go check her blog out. You will find lots of great ideas, pictures of student work, and free downloads!!


Mrs. Egley said...

Thank you so much for the tip on the blogs. I love the blog "Frogs in First" and added it to my blog list.

Mrs. Egley

Sue said...

Thank you for sharing your great finds....I am always looking for new ideas for the upcoming school year. :) Sue

Jessica said...

Thanks!! You are so sweet to link me. Made my night!!

Fredia said...

Thank you so much for linking to me! I love your blog... I will be a frequent visitor!
Frogs in First