Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Gorilla: A Counting Book

Based on the book One Gorilla by Atzuko Morozumi.

As you read the story have the students use counters to show how many things the child loves on each page. For example: two butterflies and one gorilla. The students should show two counters for the two butterflies and then one for the gorilla. That would make three things that the child loved. Since the one gorilla is added to each page, this will give additional practice for adding "one." If using Unifix cubes, the students can stick them on their fingers and hold them up for you to check for understanding as you continue to read the story.

Next have the student think of something they love. They will illustrate their idea and fill in the sentence frame: (Name) loves (number) (what) and one gorilla.

One Gorilla (b)

Tips for helping students draw a gorilla. I spend the first half of the year teaching my students how to draw as well as read and write. I walk them step by step through how to draw anything we do. It takes a little time at first, but then they get better and it goes faster. The idea is that by adding more detail in their drawings, it will carry over to their writing.

For teaching my students to draw animals, I usually look at how TLC Lessons makes the animal. Then I recreate it using mostly basic shapes.

Here is an example of the TLC gorilla in the zoo book.

1) For the body, have students make a large black oval.
2) Add arms and legs, have students make 4 black ovals (as shown in the picture above) then add 4 small brown ovals for the feet and hands. Use a black crayon to add details.
3)For the head, have students draw a large black circle, but not color it in. Have them add 2 black half circles on either side of the head and color them in.
4) For the face, have students add a large brown circle for the nose and two smaller brown circles for the eyes. Then have them use a black crayon to add details to the eyes and nose.
5) Have students color in the rest of the face black.

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Sarah said...

What a fantastic idea! I've never heard of this book but it sounds totally cute :)