Sunday, July 3, 2011

A New Favorite Unit!! Color Day Fun!!

I know I posted recently about Made For First Grade's Color Day Fun Unit, but I just got around to purchasing it and had to post about it again!! It is one of my favorite units that I have purchased from TPT!! It is perfect for all of you who celebrate a color a day by dressing up and doing special activities. The unit contains a note home to parents about dressing up and a color snack sign up sheet. Even if you do not celebrate a color a day, the unit has a TON of stuff to offer you!! It is full of literature connections which will work with all of the standards you have to teach - making comparisons, letter writing, story elements, counting, opposites, phonetic spelling, writing sentences, color recognition, and color words. The activities can easily be separated by literature or standard rather than used as a color unit. If you are a first grade teacher, there are several activities that would be perfect for the beginning of the year and a review of how to spell and write the color words, for kinder teachers they are great for teaching the color words. The unit has 124 pages and if you purchase it before the end of the day tomorrow is on sale for only $6.40!!! What a great deal!! The unit includes all of the covers for the class book activities, the pages needed for each activity, and the tracers for pieces that need to be cut out. The unit is regularly $8 so even if you miss the sale, you are still getting a great deal!!

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Anonymous said...

I just found a great book for preK and K...It has worksheets to go with it too! I'm pretty sure it was made by a teacher.