Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flashlights, Fruit Loops, and Force and Motion

Here are a few things I did with my class to celebrate the letter F.

We used fruit loops to build number sense and for graphing. We started by making our own graphs with the fruit loops on our plate. Then we figured out we could make numbers and letters by moving our fruit loops around on our plates. Next we made a class graph that showed which color of fruit loop we drew from the box. After analyzing our graph to see how many we had of each color and what color was chosen the most, we ate our fruit loops! Yum!

During our study of force and motion, we learned about gravity, push and pull, friction, and force. We experimented with the ways that objects move and different types of forces. We rolled cars over different surfaces and down ramps and we learned that stopping objects is a type of force just like moving them is. We ended our study with a Box Car Derby. The Derby helped give us a better understanding of how weight affects force and motion.

A few of my favorite force and motion books...

In celebration of the letter "F," we brought flashlights to school. Then we buddied up with a classmate and read with our flashlights in the dark.

We read The Foot Book, How Big is a Foot, and How Many Feet in the Bed then we measured our feet to see how many cubes long they were. We made a graph to see how many people had the same size of foot and who had the biggest and smallest foot.

We made a foot class book (This idea came from Brooke Perry)

We had Flip Flip day. Everyone wore flip flops. Then we made patterns using a flip flops and made a class book patterned after Mary Wore Her Red Dress. We wore our flip flops.


Bobbie said...

What did you use to make the derby cars? I love that idea!! I wanted to start looking for materials now.
Bobbie R

Jennifer said...

I was tempted to your site for the celebration of the letter U and came across the letter F day too! Seriously fun and memorable! I love it! I am going to revamp the way I look at the alphabet! Amazing!

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Annie Moffatt said...

There is SO much inspiration here! I LOVE all the pictures since I am a visual learner:)

Kelli Beason said...

I love your forces and motion books. I teach this in 3rd grade and find it so hard to find good books to explain. Thanks for your ideas.

I am having a linky party link up and share.

Mrs. Larremore said...

I make the box car derby an optional home school activity. I send a letter home to parents and give them about two weeks to complete the project. The only requirements are that it must be made from a shoe box and have wheels. The object is to roll down the ramp and move a wooden block farther than any other car. This gives them something to think about when making their car. They have to consider what they need to do to make a car that will be able to push something heavy. If you want to do it in class, you might consider sending a note home asking for items and letting kids decide which ones they want to use on their own. I hope this helps.

Jodi Richardson said...

Love your ideas! I teach 1st grade and love the forces and motion books!

Amanda Steinacher said...

My new favorite! Flip flop day! I love the book too. Thanks for sharing!

Bobbie said...

Thank you so much.