Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Amanda and Her Alligator and Lots of Mo!!

I love Mo Willems. He is one of my favorite children's book authors!! My daughter, Abby, and I got to see him tonight. He read his new book Amanda and Her Alligator and I Broke My Trunk (an Elephant and Piggie story). If you have never seen him in person, he is so funny!

I did a Mo Willems author study with my class last year. We had so much fun with it. If you write Mo, he will write you back and send you a few goodies with his letter. If you want to see more of what we did with our author study, check out Mo Willems: Author Study and Our Hot Dog Party. You can follow Mo's blog through the link on my blog roll.


Jonelle Bell said...

I am sooo know how much I LOVE Mo!!
A Place Called Kindergarten

Rachelle said...

He is by far my favorite author!!!! My all time fav. book is "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!"

My kiddos beg me to read it to them!

April Larremore said...

I know Jonelle!! You had the original Hot Dog Party and started me on the great idea!

Trisha said...

April, LOVE LOVE this! I am going to do a Mo Willems author study in 2 weeks. Would you be willing to share your printables?
email me at:

mrs.tabb said...

JEALOUS!!!!! He's my all time fav. WOW